Making Time – Here Are 5 Things You Can Outsource as a Small Business Owner

Let’s be honest: being a small business owner can be absolutely overwhelming at time. Often it feels as if you need to take care of everything, all at once. Payroll needs to be processed, that social media post needs to go up, this invoice needs to be delivered, that bill needs to be paid.

In today’s sharing economy, and with the services offered online, the good news is you don’t have to do everything as a small business owner.

Instead, you can choose to outsource quite a few of your tasks. These should be things hate doing, can’t do, or shouldn’t be doing. This may cost money in the short term, but it can save you huge amounts of time in the long run. The end result is the freeing up of your time.

From there, you can use that freed time to connect with customers, better your product, or even create another stream of revenue. The options are pretty much without limit. So consider some of these tasks and roles that you can outsource as a small business owner.

#1: Hire a Virtual Personal Assistant

 There are hundreds of virtual assistant services available online. Depending on the service and your needs, you can hire a Virtual Assistant for just a few hours a week or full-time. A Virtual Assistant can take care of all of those annoying but necessary tasks for you: scheduling, emailing, market research and more.

#2: Leave Your Small Business SEO to an Expert 

With most people finding their information online or on social media, Search Engine Optimization has become crucial even for small businesses. Unless you run a social media or marketing company, you don’t know all that much about SEO. The good news is you can easily find someone who does know everything about SEO online. Take advantage of this expertise, and don’t try to do it on your own. 

#3: Use a Professional for the Web Design for Your Small Business Website

 Just as with SEO, you most likely have never designed a website before. Instead of spending hundreds of hours trying to figure out WordPress plugins and HTML all on your own, consider outsourcing the entire process. The experts can take care of it for you. The same goes for graphic design.

#4: Save Time By Outsourcing Content Development

 Are you a people person, but not so great at writing? Do you find yourself taking an entire day trying to come up with a compelling blog post for your small business blog? Not everyone is a writer, and there is no pressure for you to be either. You can assign copy for your website, weekly blog posts, newsletters and more to someone who is comfortable and competent at writing.

 #5: Focus on Current Customers by Outsourcing Marketing

 Online marketing can be extremely effective for small businesses, but it can also take an incredible amount of effort. If you find yourself spending too much time on building those back links, creating social media content, or fiddling with Google AdWords, it may be time to outsource all of these processes.

After all, your focus should be on the customer, right?