First Impressions Are Everything: 3 Reasons to Have a High Quality and Updated Website

If humans have short attention spans, this fact is only compounded in the online world. This is why it is so important to make a good first impression on your customers with a high quality, updated website.

The time it takes a potential customer to form an impression of your company may be shorter than you think.

“It takes less than two-tenths of a second for an online visitor to form a first opinion of your brand once they’ve perused your company’s website. And it takes just another 2.6 seconds for that viewer’s eyes to concentrate in a way that reinforces that first impression. Given that tight timeframe, making a good first impression should be among your first orders of business.”

~Mikal E. Belicove, Entrepreneur Magazine

In other words, what a potential customer sees when they first land on your company’s website will go a long way toward determining whether or not they will become a customer.

So what can you do to ensure that your website is engaging enough to convert leads?

According to a study from the Missouri University of Science and Technology, there are seven major areas of interest on a website:

  • Your company’s logo: This really is the first impression, especially since it is included in the header of the website.
  • Navigation menus: Users get a quick breakdown of the important content on your website.
  • Search box: It may seem mundane, but this captures a user’s attention and allows them to quickly find what they are looking for.
  • Social media links: People spend most of their online time on social media, rather than on actual websites. It makes sense that they would look for an opportunity to engage both with your company and with other customers.
  • Primary image: This sets the tone for the website and for your brand.
  • Written content: Because users’ attention spans are typically short, keep this content snappy and to the point. But make sure it gets across what your company is all about!
  • Website footer: This is where you can include additional menus, social media links, contact information, and even a snappy slogan.

Of course, these are not the only areas of a website that you need to focus on. However, ensuring that you have each of these elements – and that they are up-to-date – will help your website stand out from the crowd.

“If it’s been a while since you last looked at your own website, take the time now to identify the top three things you want visitors to do as a result of visiting your site. Write these items down, followed by scheduling a meeting with your web team to review the current site. You may be surprised by what you see.”

~ Mikal E. Belicove, Entrepreneur Magazine

Creating and keeping up a quality website for your small business does take work, but it does not have to be overwhelming. More than that, there is no question that it is worth the effort.