Password Mania vs. Temporary Site Access for WordPress

Passwords are a necessary … hassle … when it comes to managing a website. Your site has to be secure, but it’s a pain to store, use and share passwords. Sure, there are some great systems (like LastPass) that help, but we’re dealing with lots of passwords, and we really prefer not to see anyone else’s credentials.


When providing website service, obtaining a customer’s website login credentials is the first task. In the old days (i.e., through 2015), it served as a token of trust in a business relationship. But it involved a lot of unpleasantness:

– Creating (and paying good money for) password management accounts for lots of users
– Training users on how to manage passwords (rules, organization, etc.)
– Managing administrative access to the password retrieval inbox
– Notifying users if login credentials were updated.
– And on, and on, etc.

Oftentimes, finding and using login credentials took more time than actually providing the service that had been requested. And on top of all that, it meant that anyone who provided service could retain the credentials forever, and could access the site as long as the user account wasn’t deleted from the site backend.

Exhausting, right? We called it password mania.


When it came to developing our own software for an on-demand WordPress support network, we knew we needed an elegant solution to the password mania problem.

After months of development, our software was really coming together, feeling cohesive and efficient. We knew that sending login credentials to a third party really should be a thing of the past. We believed the solution was a time-based website access system which would:

1. Enable a pre-approved WordPress agent to access a website when they claim a service request
2. Function without the agent ever seeing or entering the login credentials
3. Revoke website access immediately upon completion of a service request

Temporary site access for WordPress is just one of the features that makes HubRunner what it is – but in a sense, it’s the glue. HubRunner grants website access to an agent only for the duration of the work they are handling on that site. As soon as the user indicates the agent has completed a request to their satisfaction, the agent’s site access is revoked.

All of this happens without the agent ever seeing or entering your credentials. Beyond simply enhancing the smooth experience of using HubRunner for WordPress service, this feature increases security, creates a seamless way for agents to deliver service, and reduces the total time for each service request.

To learn more about how HubRunner matches customers to agents, read our post “Dynamic Skill Matching for WordPress Service.”

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