Infographics: The New Wave of Website Optimization

There is no question about it: over the past several years, infographics have become part of the new wave of website optimization. If you are looking to drive more potential customers to your website – and let’s face it, who isn’t – then infographics can help you do exactly that.

Sure, infographics look fancy – but that’s what makes them so compelling and effective in a marketing arena. But more than that, getting a compelling infographic made for your small business is not that difficult to do. There are thousands of writers and graphic artists on the online marketplace with a focus on infographic writing and design.

If that doesn’t convince you, take a look at the basics of infographics and – more importantly – how an infographic can help your small business website. It really is simple, and can go a long way toward building your business.

Understanding the Basics of Infographics 

The idea behind an infographic is to present the same information that you would with a webpage or a blog post, but in a very visual format.

With this in mind, an infographic is most commonly styled like a simplified paragraph or blog post. You still have your brief introduction, a few main points, and specific key points or statistics thrown in for support.

However, an infographic is ultimately more engaging because it presents the most crucial information in a very shortened format. A concise infographic may only have 250-300 words. More than that, an infographic is created with images or graphics related to the topic. Since two thirds of people prefer to process information visually, this goes a long way toward engagement and conversion.

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How Infographics Help Your Website

As we mentioned above, the main benefit to including infographics on your website is that it increases both engagement and conversion. For instance, if you have a social media presence for your small business, an infographic is much more likely to engage your followers than a text post discussing the same exact topic. This means more people will like, comment and even share your post. It also means an infographic post will lead more people to your website.

An infographic can also help you with your marketing strategy. After creating engaging content within your niche or your industry, you can reach out to other websites to share the content. Writing a microblog as a ‘guest writer’ (i.e. sharing your infographic) gives you a fantastic opportunity to build links to your website. This is the core of search engine optimization, and infographics give you an easy opportunity for back linking.

 The Key to an Effective Infographic

There are many different approaches and styles for infographics. Making an effective one will depend on the focus of your small business and what you are discussing. But every infographic has at least a few elements in common:

  • A Clear Purpose: Determine what you are trying to convey to your target audience and what this means for your business.
  • Keep it Simple: Narrow what you want to convey into a few key points. Anything beyond that makes it too complicated.
  • Make it Visual: Don’t just use pictures around your text – make the images tell the story.

Creating an infographic is an easy and effective way to drive more people to your website, and turn those visitors into customers!

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