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Why I Love

If you’re super-organized, have no problems with getting distracted, and find it easy to focus on exactly the right project at the right time, stop reading now. But, if you’re more like me (easily distracted, struggle to prioritize your day, etc.), keep reading.

I discovered a couple of months ago, signed up, and haven’t looked back. It’s very simple: you put on headphones and start a 30-minute session of strange ambient noises. The sounds quickly park themselves in the background of your brain while you focus on your work. I use it every day at the office. Here’s why.

I get more work done

Every person is different, so there’s no guarantee you’ll have the same experience as I do when you use When I use it, I definitely get more work done. I believe this is a combination of several factors:

  • It forces me to commit to a solid (30-minute) chunk of undistracted work
  • It blocks out noise from the rest of the office
  • The science behind their sound design is legitimate and helps me focus

It keeps me alert

When I finish a session, I usually realize there’s been no sound coming from my headphones for at least 20 minutes after the session has ended, but I’m still completely focused on my work. This happens regularly enough for me to assume it’s not a fluke, but an actual lingering effect from the sounds I heard during the session. The closest comparison I can make is to the peak alertness delivered by a strong cup of coffee – except delivers it via soundwaves into my ears. (!)

I’m in a better mood

I’m not sure sure this is an effect of the sounds I’m hearing from – instead, I believe my post-session mood improvement is a byproduct of being more productive. After cranking through a bunch of important work and checking a few items off my to-do list, I inevitably feel better. Then again, maybe it’s also those sound waves lingering somewhere in my brain. Who knows.

Yoga for work?

It sounds strange, but using kind of feels like yoga for work, in the sense that working during a session feels a little more like meditation than grinding out tasks. Granted, I’m usually ready for some real yoga after a day of sitting in a desk chair listening to sessions that sound like the inner rumblings of a spaceship combined with long-distance orca whale conversations.

Have you tried Have any other tips that help you focus and get more done during the day? Please leave your thoughts in the comments!